Ordering The Latest Version of The Clasp32 SCIO Software

Susan August 15, 2010


ORDERING THE LATEST 5 5 12 SOFTWARE (on Disk /Flash Drive)

 Currently there is no disk or flash drive available to order, keep in touch with Support Central for updates.



  1. Review the  Computer Specifications  needed for best functioning of the latest software.
  2. If you have a QXCI you may need to get further instructions by calling Support Central before proceeding.  The updated computer specifications may not be as crucial for the QXCI.  The SCIO needs this because the extra capacity required to run the updated SQLite software as well as the extra programs offered by the BV and IRID.  So it is possible that you might be fine to operate with what you currently have.  Consult with Support Central before proceeding. 
  3. There are also specific  Prerequisites  needed for the new SQLite Software (ie. latest Windows Service Packs for your OS) and for the use of the Enhanced DVD (ie. Netframe3.0 software, adobe).
  4. Budapest Home Office (BHO) now controls all activations. You should immediately register on  www.qxsubspace.com .  You will need to be registered in order to use their online download or activate after the software has been installed. To prevent delays in this process make sure you are able to register your device with them prior to installing. Sometimes more details are needed in order to create a User Account and Password.  Failure to do so could cause unnecessary delays in getting your software activated. 
  5. There is a fee for the online activations. This is charged by BHO for every computer (up to 3) you install the software on.
  6. 1st - 200 EU
                2nd - 100
                3rd - 300
                4th - 300
                5 or more - 500
  7. Fees are paid through PayPal by credit card or PayPal account).  DO NOT USE a PayPal e-checking account, unless you want to wait the 8 days of processing!

 If you are unsure of any of the steps or have any questions at all please call; 1 800 388 2033 ext 1

 Please note that Support Central Renewal Fees are now in effect.  Please see this post Support Central Renewal Packages

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