UPDATE:  The latest version of the Indigo software is 7 7 14 Take note that this is not a mandatory update for those that are already using the 12 12 12  version.  The cost to update to the 7 7 14 version is an additional 300 Euro.  A prerequisite to utilizing the 7 7 14 Service Pack are the is having the 12 12 12 or newer version of the Indigo software.

There are some basic Step By Step Instructions in another Post as was given by Qxsubspace in their Newsletter dated Jan 5th 2012. This has been added to the FAQ's for your convenience. That post is the one that includes all the prerequisite tips and troubleshooting hints, especially for those updating from much older versions of the software.

If you are unsure and unfamiliar with the some of the steps or terminology in these instructions please seek the help of someone who does.  Perhaps you know someone who is a little more computer/tech savvy, who find it easier to navigate these instructions.

Very Important!  Some practitioners backdated their computer's clock to Jan 1, 2012, after the last lock out to continue to access the 11 11 11 version of the software.  So when you are ready to attempt the update, make sure you reset the computer clock to the current date. 

  • On a Win 7 computer the date and time display is usually found down in the right corner of your task bar.  Click it and you will get the window with the option to 'Change Date and Time Settings. Use the Calendar to adjust back to the current date.
  • On a Win 8 computer if you use the Desktop view you can access the Date and Time as stated above.

Please be sure to do any needed Windows Updates and Anti Virus updates;


AGAIN if your computer has been backdated make sure you set it to the current date. 

  • On a Win7 computer the date and time display is usually found down in the right corner of your task bar.  Click it and you will get the window with the option to 'Change Date and Time Settings. Use the Calendar to adjust back to the current date.

Windows Updating;

1. Right Click on ''My Computer'' / "Computer"
2. Click on Properties
3. To the left there is an option ''Windows Update'' Click it, this will open a page telling you if there are some needed updates. You can wait to restart the computer until you have completed all the necessary updates. (read on)

Anti Virus Updates; Check for any needed updates (as per your personal Anti Virus software);

It would be highly advisable to do current Anti Virus Scan of your system, especially if you have had the computer backdated for some time.


The Indigo device does not necessarily need to be connected while installing the update.  It will be needed to be recognized by the computer and software to proceed with the activation.


In the past some have encountered problems using Internet Explorer (I/E) so it is important to do the WINDOWS updates. 

  • If you are using I/E as your browser make sure it is the latest version.  You can also use Mozilla Firefox
  • After doing the above recommended prerequisites, restart your computer and then continue.
  • Win XP was often having issues attempting updates using I/E so if your attempts at downloading the 9 13 13 service pack is not working you could try using Mozilla Firefox as a browser instead.  You can download Firefox free of charge at http://www.mozilla.org

How do I do the 7 7 14 Update? 

Before Getting Started;

  • Again be sure to restart the computer after all the windows, I/E and Antivirus updating.
  • All Indigo owners received a personalized email that was sent in December 2012.  Attempt to access the website that hosts the downloads www.welcometoindigo.com If you get page error  messages or other error messages it may be an indication of needing to reset your Password.  If you get a message about a wrong Username/Password or that your serial # has not been assigned then perhaps another email was used to initially register your Indigo.  However, again it might jsut mean you need to reset your Password.  If your email address has changed this needs to get updated in the activation system.  Contact susan@thequantumalliance.com .

Here is where to go to reset the password  http://www.welcometoindigo.com/my_account/password This will generate an auto reply email so you can finalize it.

  • A Satellite or Dial Up internet connection, is going to be a problem.  Make sure you have a VERY good high speed Internet connection.  If the connection is lost or interrupted during the update you will need to keep repeating it to get a complete download.  So it is highly recommended that you seek a high speed location to do it from.  Using an Ethernet internet cable to connect from your computer directly to your modem, rather than a wireless connection is the best.  This will just minimize the possibility of any disruption during the download process. 
  • The 7 7 14 INDIGO Service Pack usually only takes minutes to install from www.welcometoindigo.com but can take much longer to download (based on the speed and quality of the internet connection).  The full 7 7 14 utilizing the Software Manager Installer will take 1-2 hours .

Do I use the QC Back Up Tool to back up my client files?

NOTE:  This product tool was designed and developed by SST (formerly; Quantum Center of Excellence, 'Quantum Computers').  If you have purchased other products from them such as; installation EDVD's / computers and need help with their products please contact them for support.

If you have the QC Backup Tool on your computer desktop and have not used it for some time (since 2011) it may be outdated and no longer work.  There is no need to panic.  If you have not updated from the 11 11 11 version and it works you can use it as it provides a little extra security measure (using it for one last back up of the client files before doing the 7 7 14 Indigo update.  This tool will also back up any added Gage and Nelson Matrix Items, Prayer Wheel Docs and the Add Faculty P.E.A.R.doc  The new QX software update does save and convert the client files and luckily it has been very rare that practitioners lose their client files.  If the QC Back-Up tool still works, go ahead and do a current Backup BUT ONLY of 11 11 11 or earlier software.  After the Back Up leave it alone.  DO NOT  ATTEMPT TO RESTORE CLIENT FILES WITH THIS after you update! In the event of lost client files this becomes a potential place for a tech (who knows how to work with it) to attempt to extract and restore the client files that were otherwise lost.  After doing any new update since hte 12 12 12 this tool became obsolete, because the newer software has changed and the data files are now encrypted.  During the update from older 2011 software to the current, a conversion of the client database takes place and these are then restored during the actual software updating process.  Future updates are programmed with an automatic backup and restore.

Note:  If you have specific Prayer Files, Add Faculty Files or DD Cocktails you have created, make copies of the contents.   This way you can copy and paste them into the new software in the appropriate places.

Gage Tarrant has shared a video showing an alternative way to back up and restore the Added Gage/Nelson Matrix Items.


 When do I need to install the 7 7 14 Indigo Service Pack?

If the current Indigo Software on your computer is already the 12 12 12, you can simply install the 7 7 14 Indigo Service Pack.   If you have not updated yet and you are still using 7 7 10 - 11 11 11 versions then you need the full install which is found listed as the Software Manager (contains the full 2012 version download).  With this your client files should automatically get converted and restored. Please note that after installing the 7 7 14 Service Pack you will need to re-activate your software and pay the 300 Euro fee through PayPal.  See "How do I activate the Indigo 12 12 12 Software?"

 When do I need to install the 7 7 14 Indigo Full Software?

If the Indigo Software you have installed on your computer is older than 12-12-2012 you need to utilize the Software Manager Isntaller for hte full 7 7 14 Software.  Please note that install on Win 8 and 8.1 are not perfect and there are reports of error messages and no graphics in some of the Systemic Biofeedback Program options and a few of the BV graphics that are not working.  (Email me for more details).  These issues have been reported to the software programming team since the summer 2013 and we are waiting for them to fix this. 

After installing the update you need to activate and pay the 300 Euro fee. See "How do I activate the Indigo 12 12 12 Software?"

 This download is taking over 3 hours what do I do?

If you are installing the Service Pack directly from http://www.welcometoindigo.com it usually takes a few minutes. It should not be taking this long on a reliable high speed connection.  If you are doing the Full 7 7 14 Download it could be several hours.  It may be difficult to get all the files at once and may require you to repeat it several times to 'catch' all the files especially the video files because of the large size.  The update will remember where it left off and where it was 'stuck' so it doesn’t start all over again.  If this hang up just keep repeating or get to a better internet source  where you have the ability to connect via an Ethernet cable direct from your computer to a modem, with a good quality, high speed internet connection.

  • If the internet gets interrupted and hangs you will likely get a message reporting the problem. You will have to start over again and retry.  If there is a disrupt of the internet and you start the download again it remembers where it left off and what it still needs to download.  If you get a message like '' File download error, wrong crc32....''  (see the section for reported Error Messages)


Troubleshooting & Error Messages

'' File download error, wrong crc32....'' 

Go to your browser history and clear the history and clear the cookies, then try again, as something may have been stored preventing it from downloading because of the previous failed attempt.  You will probably need to do this after any failed attempt, before trying again

" failed to read setup engine "

Clear the browsing history and clear the cookies and try again, as something may have been stored preventing it from downloading because of the previous failed attempt.

"Failed to get Data for EnableLUA"

Means the UAC is turned on (see how to disable/Trun Off UAC Click here)

If it happens in XP this is a programming error, I think you just have to click ok

"Not a Valid Win32 Application"

not sure what causes this one yet…

"Information: Remedy Query Table error."

Indicates corrupt client data files, or client data table did not write properly.  The client files may also be lost.  Will need to call Support Central for assistance.


Optional for Visual Aid; Indigo Activation Video (This is an older video posted on Youtube courtesy of SST);


Another important reason for having the I/E updated to the I/E 10 is so that when you activate on the PayPal page their won't be a problem accessing the area to filling in all the info needed to finalize the payment.  For some reason if you don’t have I/E 10 you will not be able to completely access all of the 'fill in' area for the required information.

  1. After successfully running the 7 7 14 update, connect the device to the same port you always use and turn it on.  WAIT until the Indigo device gives the little musical Chime (it's Calibrating). 
  2. Double click the new Indigo64 icon that will now be on the desktop.  When you see the window revealing the Indigo Serial Number (at the 25% program load mark) you will know your device has been recognized.
  3. Click 'Close' on the device recognition screen.  If you did not see this check your connection or check the port settings.  If necessary set your communication port to Com1. For details on how to set your Communication port, please see "How do I set up the communication (COM) port?"
  4. Click 'Continue'.
  5. Click 'Password'.
  6. If this is your first activation on this particular laptop/desktop, you will be required to enter your name (make sure it is exactly how you would like it to be displayed inside the software) and country (Planet Earth is the first option listed) in the 'Password' screen and then click on "I agree to all terms and save".
  7. Read the installation instructions then click on 'Close' in the 'Biofeedback device installation instruction' screen.
  8. On the 'Password' screen click on 'Activation'.
  9. Click on 'Continue'.
  10. The 'Internet' button is always active, whether you have Internet access or not. If you have turned on the Internet access on the computer, please select 'Internet'.
  11. In the 'Activation window' please enter your Username (email) and Password and click on 'Send to the Server'. You will be automatically redirected to PayPal.
  12. There are two options of paying the activation fee:
  13. Through a PayPal account, or..
  14. Through a credit or debit card (if you do not have a PayPal account). Please fill in the form and click on 'Review order and Continue'.
  15. Click on 'Pay Now'.
  16. You will get a message about your PayPal payment being approved, be sure not to close this page and look for the words 'Return to QX Bahamas Ltd' click on this to finalize the activation process.
  17. You will get a message that the System is Activated and then another one when it returns to the Password screen : 'Your computer is activated, Congratulations...'. Click 'OK'
  18. Clicking on 'OK' and the program closes.
  19. The Indigo Software is now fully activated and ready to use.


You do not need to do this if your device is being recognized.  When you see the window revealing the Indigo Serial Number (at the 25% program load mark) you will know your device is being recognized.

Before setting up the COM Port, please make sure the USB driver of the device is properly installed. Connect the Indigo device to the USB connection on the computer that you always use or to a new one that you want to set. The following steps will guide you to set the communication port to the COM1 setting:

  1. Right click on the ' Computer' ('My Computer' XP) icon on your desktop or from your Start Menu. If you cannot find this icon on the desktop, open the 'Start menu' and look for the 'Computer' there and right click.
  2. From the drop down menu please click on 'Manage'.
  3. Click on 'Device Manager' listed on the left side.
  4. On the right side menu please search for 'Ports (COM & LPT)' and click on it. Note; If you don’t see Ports, first check that the device is connected and turned on.  If you dont see this as an option it could be asign that  you may need to reinstall the USB drivers (rarely needed unless its a new computer install). Click here
  5. You will see the 'USB Serial Port (COMx)' (the x will be a number).
  6. Please right click on this and choose 'Properties' from the drop down menu.
  7. Choose the 'Port Settings' tab in the next window.  Select the setting of 115,200
  8. Now Click on 'Advanced...'.
  9. You will see a list 'COM port number:' and a COMx next to it in a list box. Set this to COM1 and click on 'OK'.
  10. Click on 'OK' again and then close the 'Computer Management/Device Manager' window.

Optional Videos for live instructions (These videos were posted on Youtube courtesy of SST);

If for some reason the device does not getting detected after the Update you may have to reset the COM port to Com1

Comports Video Win7 Comport 1 Setup


Comports Video Win Vista Comport 1 setup


Comports Video Win XP Comport 1 setup




After the update there are 2 important things to check, once inside the Indigo program.  Enter through the Demographics and Chose any client. On the Calibration screen don’t bother Calibrating just close using the red X in the upper right.  Fromthe Main Menu access 'Test' to get to the Main Matrix screen.

1. You will need to Reset to the Gage Matrix on the Indigo;

  • On the Main Matrix Under; 'Order of Remedies' you will have to click the 'GT Matrix Activate' (if see 'Nelson Matrix Activate') it means the Gage Matrix is already set for use.  Once you have changed this setting you need to close the Indigo software program and reopen.  Always remember to reset the Indigo device and let it chime after turning it back before you re-enter the Indigo software.
  • To see why it is important to do this after updating Click here 

2. You may need to check the Potency Equalizer;

  • On the Main Matrix Under; 'System Power Settings' make sure that the 'Potency Equalizer' has a check mark in front. (usually only needed on a new computer install)


This is loaded darning the update and an Icon will appear on the desktop of the computer but to use it, it requires an additional activation fee of 150 Euro

Quantum Encyclopedia

Warning if you have backdated your computer due to the 12 12 12 lock out,  you might find that you lose access to the Quantum Encyclopedia.  So once you have updated to the 12 12 12 and are running the computer at the current date, you may need assistance to reactivate it. Click Here




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When you receive your device you may have questions about getting started.  This Support Desk directs you with any technical computer or software issues or inquiries.  If necessary they can also provide assistance with the installation, activation process, and basic navigation of the software.  You will be required to leave a message regarding the details of your concern, phone number(s) and the best time to receive a call back.  Calls will be returned in the order they are received. 

The Support Central email desk is another way to ask a question or give feedback. support-central@thequantumalliance.com  We receive a high volume of emails but strive to respond within one business day.  It is important to note that technical issues are typically not easy to resolve in a response via email.  In order to trouble shoot an issue, a thorough discussion is required to gather all the critical information about the situation.   Most resolutions will also require that a Support Central team member remote into your computer.  Therefore, for technical issues it is highly recommended that you call and leave a voice mail.  This way you establish your priority on the call back list.

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